Loft-style shopping pleasure.

Refurbishment of a former industrial building into retail space.

In just 11 months of building work the .bieker AG transformed a former industrial building into a Who´s Perfect store with the character of a loft. Initially, usage studies were carried out for the new owner and with these, a designer furniture retailer was attracted as the new anchor tenant. The confrontation with the old building required an exact analysis of the existing building fabric in order to recognize, if possible, all potential problems before the redevelopment started.

SitePlaning and buildPerformance
Frankfurt on Main2013 - 09/2015General planning Lph 1-8
FloospaceBuilding costsPhotographer
9.600 mBGF, 7.100 mNUF8,5 Mio € KG 300 + 400 nettoAchim Reissner / Martin Gotsmann

Preserving the character

The early 20th century, five story industrial building had already been empty for a long time. Previously, it had been used as an office building but after this the real estate was no longer marketable. The extensive refurbishment involved, among other measures, concrete sheathing for supports, fire protection measures, the installation of modern freight and passenger elevators as well as the complete interior construction.

On the other hand, the charm of the old industrial building was preserved as part of the sales concept of the new anchor tenant. Now, there are almost 4,000 m² of sales space generously distributed across three floors. The deliberately recognizable inroads of the refurbishment harmonize well with the flair of an industrial loft.

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    Buttress encasement

    The existing supports were covered with an elaborately manufactured exposed concrete sleeve to revitalize the ailing load-bearing structure. The contrast between the new concrete and the historical building speaks for itself.

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    Internal staircase

    Two new internal open staircases, made of steel with details in solid oak, connect the three sales levels providing the perfect shopping experience.

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    Fire protection:

    Ceiling spray plaster

    All load-bearing ceiling sections, whose concrete covering was evaluated as insufficient, were coated on the undersides with light-colored spray plaster, using a special method, to achieve structural fire safety.