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.bieker’s Offices Revival

The revival of our offices in Frankfurt had been on the agenda for quite some time. In 2012, we moved into our current premises on the ninth floor of an office high-rise building in the Walter-Kolb-Straße in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. As the volume of projects grew, so did the number of staff and the requirements for office space. A patchwork quilt of office space ensued. 

This was not a tolerable situation for a company who prides itself on togetherness, communication and working in teams. As the area below our offices became vacant, we put our money where our mouth was and doubled our rented office space, realising our vision of an ideal working world. 

As tenant planning specialists, in our laboratory, we developed an office lay-out which was exactly tailored to our needs. This permits us to react flexibly to our growing team sizes and reflects our team spirit concept, but also allows for space where individuals can retreat for peace and quiet.

A stairway brings together what belongs together.

Our new, old office has been turned upside down during the renovation. Originally situated on the upper floor, the reception and administration area, as well as the new flexibly divisible conference area, moved to the lower eighth floor. At the planning level in the ninth floor, now there is much more room. The teams work here together in allocated spaces. Think-tanks, a lounge and a large employees' kitchen provide the .bieker-typical working comfort. An internal spiral staircase enables colleagues from both levels to find each other quickly and, quite incidentally, this spatial short circuit also provides two rather attractive rooms which are not dedicated to work.


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