Magic Magistral

Revitalization REHAU Visitor Center




The company REHAU AG is a leading international manufacturer of plastic components for the building and automotive industries. Due to the increasing number of visitors to its location in Erlangen, Bavaria, a “Visitor Center”, together with a training facility, was integrated into the existing complex. The existing training and seminar area was modernized and extended, adding attractive lounge areas with a cafeteria. At the same time, the office space in the upper floor was refurbished. A “magistral” was implemented in the existing structure as the central access route. This new principle axis connects all functional areas within the Visitor Center. Due to its central position and the interconnection between the rooms, it is not only an access area but also a communication and recreation zone.



  • LocationErlangen
  • ClientREHAU AG & Co
  • CompletionJanuary 2016
  • Planning and build06/2014 - 01/2016
  • Floor space2.750 m² GFA, 1.650 m² usable floor space
  • Building costs3,3 Mio € net KG 300 + 400
  • PerformanceGeneral Contractor, Lph 1-9
  • PhotographerAchim Reissner
  • MesuresBauen im Bestand, Corporate Architecture

The “magistral” starts at the new visitors' entrance, which stands “self-confidently”, as an elegant exposed concrete cube, in front of the old façade. Here, the reception and a meeting room are located. The route leads from the entrance, along a continuous floor-to-ceiling glass façade, passing the newly designed enclosed courtyard, to the large conference room and ends in front of the innovations laboratory. The “magistral” is structured spatially by a changeover between enclosed components and open zones, defining areas for servicing and for communication and recreation. An espresso bar with a counter and a lounge area opposite the large meeting room are locations for breaks and communication. The flooring changes from stone to wood, the ceiling height is lower and the wall surfaces have a more structured appearance in comparison with the installations. The newly created wall surfaces contain integrated video information systems to present the company and its products.


The large new meeting room is situated at the side of the “magistral”. Here too, the glass façade continues giving bidirectional views of the training activities at the location. If required, heavy curtains can be used to close the window spaces. The extension of the meeting room borders on the terrace, also with a continuous glass façade. This is a newly added feature and, as with the visitors entrance, it is cladded with exposed concrete.

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    Patio & Terrace

    The patio was new designed. The new terrace invites visitors and employees for a break.

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    Ceiling-high windows open the magistral to the patio and terrace.

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    The new espressobar is the new meeting point.

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    Seminar room

    The new seminar opens to the patio with ceiling-high windows, too.