Modern office structures on the Neue Mainzer Straße 12-14 in Frankfurt

Revitalisation Neue Mainzer Straße in Frankfurt

The building located at Neue Mainzer Straße 12-14, opposite the “Schauspiel” theatre in Frankfurt, is the only remaining original building on this former site of the Degussa AG. This area has been developed as the new city housing district “Maintor”. On behalf of the Talanx Immobilien Management GmbH, the office building, dating from 1999, has been re-planned for a new tenant. Here, the tenant improvements concentrated on creating a bright and modern,

 flexible office structure reflecting the corporate design of the new tenant. In total, on an area of  7,500 m2 and on 7 floors, 500 workplaces were created in open-plan team sections and in combined zones. The lower floors are the location of the “Kömödie”, the boulevard theatre in Frankfurt, and its uninterrupted operation had to be guaranteed throughout the reconstruction work.


Neue Mainzer Straße 12-14, Frankfurt am Main08/2018Talanx Immobilien Management GmbH
7.500 m2General planning & tenant planning (LPH 1-8)Achim Reissner

As a result of the opening of the Maintor quarter, the building, which was previously only accessible from the Neue Mainzer Straße, can now be approached from the   Schneidwallgasse, the street at the back. The newly designed and extended foyer brings the visitor streams together. 


bottom left:
Because the existing height of the ceiling for the desired spatial atmosphere is too low, and a conditioned expansion with 2.7 metres is very flat, in close cooperation with Talanx and the tenant, the architects developed a multifunctional ceiling element for the open space areas which only cover part of the ceiling. The elements contain the ventilation and lighting as well as acoustic panels for sound absorption. The heating and cooling of the rooms continues via die original thermally activated ceiling components, and still remains effective for the complete ceiling area. The panels run in an extension grid from the aisle zones to the windows. Thus, the full room height remains between the elements.


bottom right:
The office landscape is animated by glazed think-tanks, telephone cabins and function units. Meeting points and tea kitchens are located in the spaces at the cores. The central and light-flooded atrium above the foyer is equipped with seating and sail awnings and thus becomes the meeting point for employees and clients.

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    Multi-functional ceiling element

    The architects developed a multi-functional ceiling element for the open space areas, which only occupies part of the ceiling, because for the desired room atmosphere and a conditioned extension the existing ceiling height of 2.70 meters was slightly low. Ventilation and lighting are integrated into the elements, as are acoustic panels for sound absorption. The panels are installed within the fitting grids from the corridor zones to the windows.

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    Entrance facades and new access

    After the opening of the Maintor quarter, the building, originally accessible only from Neue Mainzer Straße, can now also be entered from Schneidwallgasse, which runs behind it. The newly designed and extended foyer located on the ground floor unites the visitor traffic. The facades above the entrances were renewed and illuminated with a lighting concept.

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    Conversion during play

    The basement floors have been home to the Frankfurter Komödie since it first moved in 1999. Uninterrupted operation had to be guaranteed during the entire conversion work.