Waiting is child's play.

Playgrounds at Frankfurt Airport

A head-high toy helicopter is just one example of the, in all, nine newly created play areas in the waiting zones of the terminals at Frankfurt Airport. There is also a miniature airport, a climbing route and even a small moon rocket which were all made according to the designs from .bieker. They are much appreciated by younger and older children. The parents can sit back and relax and watch their kids play during the wait before boarding.

A magic world of play and fantasy against the waiting time: This concept was a hit from the very beginning. For us it was a welcome creative adventure.


  • LocationFrankfurt am Main
  • ClientFraport AG
  • Completion2012 - 2014
  • Planning and build2011 - 2012
  • GFA10 - 120 m2
  • PerformanceObject planning
  • PhotographyFraport AG - Rebscher/Meinhardt
  • Measures New build

Fantasy rules

Climbing, sliding, gripping and getting to grips. The play worlds which .bieker has designed offer plenty of adventure space for small explorers. Starting with playing with intensive colors through to the building structures of the play objects. Whether in the pirate ship, the walkable mini-jet or in the moon rocket – everywhere there are possibilities to let fantasies run free and forget the waiting time.