Square change in Eschborn

New development of the KÖ-Campus in Eschborn near Frankfurt am Main

The KÖ-Campus is a complex of office space consisting of three identical buildings built in the 1980s in Eschborn. (Kö is the abbreviation of Kölner Strasse which is the location). Exterior areas, entrances and the access situation were redesigned as part of the measure. The different traffic areas such as streets, parking spaces and forecourt areas were reassessed and given a new modern design. The light-colored plaza flooring together with benches and other furniture creates an inviting ambiance. A guidance system installed on the square outside guides visitors to the respective addresses. The individual entrances to the buildings were supplemented with a projecting angle, which serves as a canopy and creates a wind-protected vestibule. In the respective houses, a central reception with lobby provides orientation. The vertical access and the hallways of the rental units were also renovated.

Kölner Strasse 3, 10 und 12, EschbornCilon GmbH2019
Building planning Lph. 1-3Exterior Design, Interior DesignKirsten Bucher
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    New access areas

    The angle settings become a canopy creating a clear and inviting entry situation and enable building access protected from the weather. Brightly lit, they guide visitors safely to their destination even in twilight and darkness.

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    Design of the square

    A new, two-colored plaza flooring laid in a staggered pattern, creates a pleasant ambiance in the outdoor area. Furniture, lights and newly planted trees follow the pattern, zoning the areas in front of the entrances and inviting you to linger.

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    Guidance system

    A well arranged and modern guidance system facilitates orientation on the campus and guides visitors reliably to their destination.

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    Outdoor areas

    Intentionally, the traffic areas are not clearly separated. Parking spaces and plants in front of the buildings were reduced in favor of an open space design. The stationary traffic is concentrated in the middle zone of the square and fades into the background in front of the buildings.

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    Office entrances and staircases

    Die The staircases were modernized. A central concierge service in the lobby facilitates orientation.