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Renovation of the Iller-Center in Senden

The Iller-Center in Senden, just outside the city of Ulm, is a retail park dating from the 1970s. Economically successfully established, the buildings are architecturally outdated. It does not offer a real shopping experience based on visual stimuli, strolling and discovering. The sale takes place in the building, since the customer comes directly to the store. But the world of retail parks is changing - and Senden is no exception. The northern part of the center has already received a face-lift. The changes to the southern part are becoming more extensive. Until recently, it housed a large fashion store. The facade was completely closed except for the entrance.


Berliner Strasse 9-11, SendenGerman Retail Box Fund11/2018
SpaceBuilding costsServices
7.600 m211,0 Mio. €General planning LPH 1-8
Revitalization of retail estatesAchim Reissner


Arcade and mall invite you to window shop

In the future, the building will present itself via a 140 m long attractive shop window facade. The space will be divided into several shops. An arcade in front of the building invites customers to stroll and guides them along the displays to the entrance of the mall, which has also been redesigned. From there, the interior rental spaces are accessed. The arcade provides protection and serves as an attractively arranged advertising medium.

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    Covered walkway

    Undercover walking from building to building. This covered walkway connects the separate buildings of the retail center.
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    Advertising medium

    The upper end of the arcade serves as an advertising medium. Advertising clutter impossible!

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    Arcade and Mall

    Shopping becomes an experience again. The arcade in front of the building and the new mall invite you to wander around.

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    Outside area

    The traffic areas are clearly separated. The parking spaces in front of the building were reduced in favor of the arcade. Seating areas and plants allow stationary traffic to fade into the background.