Aerospace in a historical context

General refurbishment for the DLR in Göttingen of a hall for experiments, listed as a historic monument, dating from 1917, and an annex from 1960. The testing hall, with a structure at the front, was erected for the "Model Test Institute for Aerodynamics" founded in 1918. The institute is the forerunner of today's DLR and the testing hall is therefore the birthplace of the DLR. In former times, a vertical wind tunnel (wind tunnel Göttingen type) was installed in the hall. In the course of its use, various conversion measures were carried out on the buildings and a further hall was added. This second hall has been dismantled as part of the refurbishment measure in order to expose the industrial monument. The original hall is to be used again in the future for flow experiments and has been prepared for the reconstruction of the "Göttingen-type" wind tunnel. The front building and the loft as well as the annex from 1960 are being prepared for office use.


LocationPlanning and buildClient
Göttingen11/2018 - 06/2023Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. DLR

4.500 m2 BGF, 2.400 m2 NF
40 workplaces

4,5 Mio. € construction and MEP onlyObject planning (HOAI LPH 1-9)
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    New office space

    New office space is being created in the former loft under the old pitched roof.
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    Hall for tests

    The hall originally housed a vertical wind tunnel of Göttingen design. After the renovation, a vertical wind tunnel will be installed again.

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    Support structure

    Due to the conversion of the loft to office space, the supporting structure of the hall below had to be upgraded. In order not to obscure the historic support structure of the hall, a secondary support system was integrated.