Goldbeck house


Competition entry for the construction of a multifunctional new building for the Goldbeck company. The extension of an existing villa becomes the Goldbeck house – a place which intertwines art, culture and economic activity. The villa itself is to be used as a museum; the extension accommodates the functions conference and events, office and administration.

The .bieker competition entry is divided into a massive basement, via which the new areas on the ground floor, where the event and conference zones are located, are connected to the existing building. Three glass stories hovering above, offset to provide a respectful distance to the villa, accommodate the administration area. These are all oriented towards the park in front of the ensemble. The entrance to the conference venue is situated in the connecting area between the villa and the new building. An underground garage below the new building keeps the location free of traffic.

Competition Goldbeck house

Awarding AuthorityGoldbeck Foundation