Fans and folds

Competition for Extension Primary School Steinrausch

Primary schools in Germany must now offer all day supervision. In order to fulfil this task, primary schools need to be adapted structurally. A canteen, additional classrooms and multi-purpose rooms, as well as more space for personnel and administration, are necessary to enable the Steinrausch primary school in Saarlouis to look after children all day. 

The extension “docks” onto the fan-shaped ground plan of the existing school as an elongated structure along the site boundary. The design idea for the extension is also the central stylistic element: The volume of the building is formed from a series of folds – the floor becomes a wall, the wall becomes a ceiling which, in its turn, is again floor and canopy roof.

The classrooms are placed as transparent bodies between the projecting storey plates. An inserted sculptural wooden cube attaches the adjoining section on the ground floor. An open one-flight staircase leads from the entrance area to the first floor where classrooms and multi-purpose rooms, as well as two common rooms, are situated.

Awarding authorityYearVisuals
Kreisstadt Saarlouis2017Lehnhardt.Hamburg