White is the new blue.

Transformation of an office building in Hanau into an office and training center.

At Kurt-Blaum-Platz in Hanau, a heterogeneous industrial and production complex was transformed into an office and training center. Demolishing the low-rise building parts facing the square in front of the main building clarified the urban planning situation. The building known as the “blue house” because of the color of the facade, after the renovation, now presents itself in gleaming white. The new main entrance orients the property towards the square.

After reconstruction, the ensemble of buildings contains team and open-plan offices for 430 employees as well as generously proportioned meeting meeting rooms and lounges.


  • LocationHanau
  • ClientGOLDBECK Bauen im Bestand GmbH
  • CompletionNovember 2013
  • Planning and build01/2012 - 11/2013
  • GFA m213.000 m2
  • Building costs€ 8.5 million
  • PerformanceGeneral planning LPH 1-5, Architectural planning LPH 1-8, Interior
  • PhotographyChristoph Kraneburg
  • MeasuresBuilding in existing contexts, corporate architecture

Uncluttered working worlds

Wide corridors and the unusually high ceiling heights increase the impression of generosity. On the ground floor, there is room for a training center for the new owner as well as a cafeteria and consulting rooms.

Materials and colors are harmonized with a reductionist approach to the use of forms. Surfaces and transparency are consciously used as stylistic elements. All offices and classrooms correspond with state-of-art office standards and the requirements placed by the user on his corporate architecture.

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    New facade

    The new curtain wall facade, made of fiber cement, cleverly incorporates the joints of the ribbon windows and emphasizes the sharp-edged look of the “folded” building.

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    New entrance

    Thanks to the demolition of the single story structure facing towards the square, the building has gained a completely new representative access situation which, together with the new outdoor area, welcomes the users. 

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    New office landscapes

    The large, partially deep spaces are optimally exploited by an office form mix of open-plan, team and individual offices. These are augmented by diverse meeting rooms and quiet "retreat" areas as well as a central and modernly designed, generously proportioned, meeting point with a kitchenette on each floor.