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Identifying opportunities

We support you with our consulting services even in the early stages of your project. Take advantage of our expertise when it comes to added-value strategies, or when you need a thorough analysis of your existing buildings. In addition, we offer BIM process consulting. We draw up requirements plans for users and develop the concept and design of workplaces in our Workplace Consulting.
Added value for the landlord

For project development, we provide you with an interdisciplinary team with creativity, intelligent ideas and a high level of analytical expertise. This gives you a comprehensive picture of all the facts and opportunities that arise for you - regardless of the size and complexity of your project.

Using our potential studies, we develop well thought-out concepts for existing properties and calculate the economic viability of various solutions. We focus on added value and ESG: from energetic refurbishments, measures for barrier-free accessibility, the generation of additional rentable space to the complete repositioning of the property.


We analyze the location of your project with regard to its macro- and micro-location as well as the general conditions under licensing law. We work out possible uses and prepare mass studies. We often seek contact with the city planning office already in this phase.


If a building is to be comprehensively revitalized or converted, we delve deeply into the analysis of the building stock in the early stages of your project. Our approach: We want to preserve what is already there and still make substantial improvements. In this way, we conserve resources and also create individual and distinctive buildings with character


You can also benefit from our expertise when it comes to marketing and letting your property. We develop design lines for rental spaces and create plans, images and visualizations to make the future of your property an emotional experience today. In this way, we provide you with clear advantages in marketing.


Building stock consulting

We offer you qualified services for the survey of an existing property in terms of dimensions and technology. The results flow into the determination of the planning target and into the budgeting of the subsequent construction measures. With our services, we support asset managers, project developers, fund managers and property owners in the course of purchase processes and prior to the implementation of conversion measures.

You receive all dimensional information of your building in an updated as-built plan. We create area statements according to DIN 277 and gif.


We create a complete 3D model of your existing property based on a 3D point cloud and/or existing planning documents.


You will find out everything about the existing building fabric, including technical installations, existing defects and the remaining service life of components and installations.


User consulting/Tenant improvements

As a user, you have high demands on design, individuality and functionality, especially if you plan and implement your conversion yourself. We get to know your requirements in detail, advise with a high degree of empathy and are design-oriented in the conception of your specific working environment. We use our knowledge of the perspectives of those involved to analyze, evaluate and design your spatial concept and its realization.

We analyze corporate culture, departments and processes with the aim of designing working environments that meet your needs. In addition to the physical working environment, we also consider the digital experience of the employees. We are convinced that the office and its design are essential for creating and maintaining the identity of your company.


Our requirements planning according to DIN 18205 is ideal for specifying the project goals and deriving the qualitative and quantitative requirements for the building and your space. In addition to functional and space programs, this results in a specification sheet in which the necessary characteristics of your spaces are also defined in technical and design terms.



Do you need BIM? The application of BIM methodology will change your projects. We empower you to decide for yourself how much Building Information Modeling you need.

As part of our BIM consulting, we clarify with you which BIM goals are to be pursued in the project. From this, we derive the necessary BIM use cases, from which the concrete requirements for the planners involved, the modeling and the planning process result. We always keep an eye on the costs: some BIM use cases generate a lot of effort, others are easy to implement. The results lead to the client (employer) information requirement (EIR) - your BIM specifications.


BIM is more than a planning methodology. A BIM model is a visualizable database that can contain important information for the management and operation of your buildings. Energy performance certificates, recycling management, CO² balance, maintenance calendars - much data required for this can be obtained from the BIM model. We support you in unearthing this treasure trove of data.



Listening & understanding

An often underestimated discipline: We listen. We want to know what's on your mind and what's important to you.


We analyze thoroughly: your goals, your building, your company. We use these findings for a targeted consultation with you before producing a meaningful results report.


Goal-oriented, empathetic, imaginative and conceptually strong - this is how we guide our clients through every consulting process. In doing so, we are open to all impulses we receive, flexible in our thinking and spot-on in the development of your solution.