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Building success together

Our Completing division deals with the realization of your building. We provide you with all related services individually or in combination with our preceding consulting and planning services. We ensure that your property is built exactly as planned by guaranteeing the quality of the execution, filling the role of artistic superstructure management and assuming important interface functions.
Quality monitoring

Built as planned

In quality monitoring, we offer you higher-level consulting services in the course of the general contractor's construction work. This includes regular on-site inspections to check the implementation of the construction target, weekly participation in construction and project jour-fixes, the comparison of schedules and invoice statuses, sampling during construction and the ongoing documentation of all inspection results. 

Artistic superstructure management

As attractive as planned

We take on the function of artistic superstructure management on your behalf. The focus of these services is to ensure, through regular on-site inspections, that the implementation of the design specifications precisely follows the design planning and that the execution of the surfaces and joints meets the sampling and quality requirements.

Tenant dialogue

When it comes to tenant improvements, we integrate the tenant's requirements in the execution phase as well: samples have to be taken, the technical interfaces between building operations and the technology brought in by the tenant have to be coordinated, and the completion and handover process has to be organized with the tenant. Through structured alterations management, we often make it possible to incorporate even late-voiced adaptation requests into the building specifications.

LBO (building law) construction management

Built according to state building regulations

We take on the public function of construction supervisor for project developers, builders or operators of data centers and general contractors in accordance with state building regulations. We provide this service within the scope of construction site supervision in the sense of the HOAI. We maintain contact with the building authorities and ensure that the formal foundations for the construction measures are in place and that the necessary notifications to the building supervisory authority (BAB) are made. In the course of this, we regularly inspect the construction sites and exchange information with the local construction supervisors. As a result, the construction measure is implemented in accordance with the building permit and the construction site meets all occupational safety requirements.


Construction progress

Regular monitoring of the construction progress is an important instrument for construction management. The services of the individual trades build on each other. This is why we detect impending disruptions to the construction process at an early stage, and take countermeasures in good time.

Performance target

The performance target to be achieved by the construction company is derived from the schedule. Linked to this is the monetary evaluation of the construction progress. We ensure that only that which has actually been installed is paid for.


There is more to the completion of a construction project than the acceptance of the construction work. Before the final notification of completion to the building authorities, the fire protection experts' declaration of conformity is required. And this is only issued when all other experts have confirmed that the building is free of defects.