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Added Value

We have specialized in the professional planning and execution of building measures which improve existing buildings – whether restoration, modernization, conversion or extension. Our consultancy service starts already before the client decides whether a building is to be kept or demolished.To this end, the preparation of utilization alternatives offers a good base for decision making. If a building stands empty, we develop a sustainable concept for conversion. With a watchful eye for the essentials, we analyze the building in all details. Using the most modern methods and good ideas we find the optimum solution for every task.

Building stock development / optimization

A vacant building is often the result of the fact that the original function of the building is no longer required at this location. The solution here is to develop concepts which will give the building a new purpose. A former administrative block can become a comfortable student hostel, a disused factory can become a modern office building. Standing empty should not mean standing still - empty premises have social and economic potential that is waiting to be recognized and exploited. We shed light on the possibilities and demonstrate how buildings can be developed and optimized.


Remodeling existing buildings to make them sustainable and viable in future is the essence of a successful revitalization. The potentials for revitalization are different from building to building and there are many different structural factors which have to be considered. With the appropriate planning, design and construction, a building revitalization can generate many positive aspects affecting the enhancement of the real estate value and the surrounding location. Our task here is to recognize this potential and make selective use of it.