Interior Design

No room is the same.
VIP box of Deutsche Börse AG in the ›Commerzbank Arena‹ Frankfurt

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    Whether natural daylight or artificial lighting  - light provides the right setting and a pleasant working atmosphere.

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    Color is emotion. It has a positive influence on our mood and well-being.

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    Materials bring things to life, define their character and their aura. 

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    How a room sounds is determined by the intended purpose. Good room acoustics can provide a quiet environment, permit good communications or intentionally give sounds an echo.     

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    Space wants to be experienced. One should sense what it feels like. Therefore haptic properties are an important part of room experience. 

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    Bright or dimmed, colorful or monochrome, lively or calm, rough or smooth – from the sum of these ingredients we develop rooms with a suitable ambiance.

Interior Design

The organization of space and its look and feel – these fields are absolutely inseparable. They have equal value and determine each other. It is important to develop solutions which inspire people who spend time in the building and make an impact on it with their presence.  Here, materiality,  appearance and equipment play an important part. The use of light and color has a direct effect on our well-being.

Design Interiors

Increasingly, in the modern working world, the boundaries between living and working are more and more indistinct. We create a sophisticated, intelligent and unique working world.