Computing centers

Building for the digital economy


Planning computing centres

Offline, in the world of business and finance, nothing works any more. The need for new computing centres remains consistently high in order to respond efficiently and effectively to the continuously increasing number of online business processes and transactions, as well as the equally dynamic growth in the requirements for data security, availability and bandwidth. 

For many years now, the .bieker AG supports its clients in the planning and realisation of computing centres in the DACH region. Our focus here lies in the development of a planning ready for execution, taking into account the integration of redundant structures of technical building systems.

Freedom from collisions in planning and execution

The highly equipped technical features of computing centres regulate the constant climatic conditions of server installations, ensure uninterrupted power supply and, with various security systems, prevent a breakdown occurring.

The buildings are therefore traversed by a large number of technical supply lines and channels. The goal in the intensive planning process is to integrate these supply lines into the building without collisions with the other spatial planning features. We achieve this by consistently applying the BIM planning methodology.

Expert knowledge

We support our clients in establishing and developing design and quality standards. Here, this is not just a case of adhering to external classification specifications (Tier standard, etc.), but also involves taking account of the guidelines of the client regarding corporate design, and, in a best practice process, persistently enhancing the new planning with first class inputs from current and completed projects. Thus, we continuously optimise our planning process and keep this technically at the current state-of-the-art.