Competence meets
team spirit.


The real star at .bieker is the team. We are a company devoid of airs and graces which simply enjoys good architecture and continuing our ongoing development. We have no lone wolves but instead 50 colleagues who always work together professionally on equal terms. This can be seen at all levels: In the quality of our concepts and ideas, in the enthusiasm for the challenge and in the daily dealings with our clients who simply feel at home with us. In a word: Those who work for and with us will quickly appreciate this.

What makes us different:

Pros with passion

A very well educated team made up of architects, construction engineers, interior designers, draughtsmen and women with substantial experience in their trades. Those who aren't pros will become one - with us and from us. We take everybody with us and systematically train all employees in the application of our BIM and AVA software, and in everything else in what we believe makes up a successful project. Everybody is on board with commitment and passion to achieve our mission – good architecture.

Career advancement

In our company, everybody learns new skills. Here, in day-to-day working, assistance is proved by our .biekiwiki, a company-own quality management and knowledge platform on the intranet. We regularly organise internal advanced training events. To this end, we invite experts, or colleagues pass on their professional knowledge to their fellow workers in the team. Our fortnightly BIM breakfast serves the purpose of exchanging tips and tricks in model based planning and project implementation. Furthermore, we provide our staff with external training courses.


We are on the road together, because good architecture is not born inside ivory towers but ideally in an atmosphere of interdisciplinary cooperation. We discuss. We inspire each other. We ask for advice and we help. We bring the projects to completion together.


We work together in the team office or in think tanks, sometimes in the lounge or even from home - just as it fits in at the time, or has to be. Some people start at seven in the morning, others not until ten. We work online and offline on large monitors or with mobile devices, sitting down or standing up. Everyone decides this for him- or herself. We have some pretty cool offices by the way.

.bieker Family

If its a case of a winter barbecue in a grill hut (which we planned for the sports amenities club of the Deutsche Bank), or our annual “Biekathlon” - 2019 in a boxing club or in 2017 at an archery event – together we are the team!

Whether summer or winter - at .bieker there is always a reason to spend time together outside the office. This is mainly due to the fact that, we in the .bieker family, enjoy common undertakings.

We are the team