Great BBQ? You can bank on it

This was not an everyday request for the architects at .bieker: They were asked to plan a barbecue site with outdoor seating on a plot of land belonging to the sports complex of Deutsche Bank in the office city of Frankfurt-Eschborn. From this original request they developed a small but very appealing barbecue hut.

The simple wooden wall structure forms a straightforward and convincing layout. The circumferential protruding roof rests on the two wall sections standing at right angles to each other and a small box for bar and refrigeration.

The interior space stretching between the wall sections and the box leads onto the terrace and an open space with a swimming pool and outdoor seating. Folding glass walls allow the interior space to be completely opened to the outside terrace. A small enclosed pebble garden at the rear of the hut brings light into the interior on both sides.

Now grilling can start all year round in the shadow of the financial city in Eschborn.