.bieker revitalizes: Who’s Perfect-Store in Frankfurt

Within a construction period of only 11 months, .bieker was successful in transforming the industrial building at 193 Mainzer Landstraße into a high-value retail property. On a total of 4,000m2, designer furniture for living/dining areas and the bedroom, as well as various accessories, are on display.

Today, the building is resplendent in its new finery, but almost a year ago, it was very much a case for total refurbishment. The five story industrial building, dating from the early 20th century, had been standing empty for a long time. It had last been used as an office building but it was now no longer marketable. The owner commissioned .bieker to submit a status analysis.

In an intensive dialogue with the client, we developed possibilities for a new use of the building – one of the specialist disciplines of the Frankfurt architecture firm which, for many years now, has successfully devoted its resources to the subjects of “constructing in existing contexts” and “building stock use conversions”.

A new goods lift was installed for Who’s Perfect. The three floors above the furniture store were prepared for use as offices. In this connection, an additional passenger lift was included.