.bieker revitalizes the stock market!

Also at the end of the year 2015, stocks of our company have again been transferred to the staff. As is the previous year, preference stocks of the .bieker AG were issued to each employee. Thus, .bieker continues the policy, which began in 2014, of allowing the employees to benefit from the success of their company.

„Our company is growing. It is the employees of the company who are to be thanked for this success. We want to express our thanks by again issuing stocks to our employees, combined with the desire that our employees, as stakeholders, will continue to actively contribute to the performance of our company.“ said Peter Bieker, CEO of the .bieker AG.

The stocks issue is part of a comprehensive package of measures designed to attract competent members of staff and to adopt new approaches in corporate management. Further steps involve the active inclusion of the employees in future workshops on questions concerning architecture and the development of the company, as well as our.