.bieker gives new life to an office building in the Gutleutstraße in Frankfurt

.bieker AG has revitalised an existing building in the Gutleutstraße 7-11 in Frankfurt am Main.

.bieker AG has revitalised an existing building in the  Gutleutstraße 7-11 in Frankfurt am Main. The building with a total office surface area of 5,475 m2 is being rented by “Amt für Bau und Immobilien” (building and urban development office) of the city of Frankfurt. The occupation of the final section is in July 2018. 

The .bieker AG is undertaking the development of the property, located in the direct vicinity of Willy-Brandt-Platz, in three steps. In November last year, the ground floor and 1st to 3rd floors were completed and occupied. In April 2018, the tenant moved into the floors above up to the 6th floor, and the final space on the 7th floor was completed and handed over in July 2018. 

During the planning of the development, great importance was placed on the wishes and requirements of the new tenant. Making the property fit for the renting market only required smaller building changes due to the good condition of the solidly built and technically well equipped building from the 1980s. The entrance situation and the foyer were kept unchanged, as were the lifts and stairs and the existing cell structure of the office floors. The flooring and all surfaces of the offices were renewed. In the equipment of the new offices, special attention was given to ensuring a modern IT infrastructure and lighting of the workplaces in line with the health and safety regulations.