Welcome at .bieker lab


Standing still is nothing for us. Anybody walking through life with eyes wide open will always bring new influences to their working environment. The .bieker Lab means exactly this: We concern ourselves with everything which serves good architecture. We create the space which admits and develops innovative ideas. Where are we going? How will people live and work in the future? Which developments are really sustainable?

The ideas room

We understand .bieker as an interdisciplinary laboratory for developing the architecture of the future. This starts by concerning ourselves with our own corner of our working world which we are continuously developing and continues in the targeted cooperation with research institutes from all disciplines. All our staff work towards our vision of an "architecture for people". This generates a dynamism which impacts the quality of our daily work. We lead by example and we invite our clients to accompany us.

Studies and Competitions
Endecken Sie die kreative Seite der .bieker AG!


Teamwork: Making the prototype of an acoustic panel

We are a “do it yourself” team! Together, by hand, we designed and built a made-to-measure, sound-absorbing acoustic panel in our .bieker LAB – for our own office. The manufacturer of such panels was also involved providing us with valuable advice and profiting at the same time from the results of our efforts. All teamwork. All interdisciplinary. All for modern working worlds.