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Creatives, strategists, generalists and detail lovers - all are working engaged together at .bieker. We are looking for experienced routiniers and new talents. Our community is the basis for outstanding results.

We place great value on teamwork and on an equal footing. We appreciate professional work and a spirit of mutual trust. We can rely on each other. And our daily work is also good fun. That is the secret of our success.

What we are looking for

Intelligent minds who wish to expand their knowledge. Young talents who want to move something. Experienced experts who can carry a project on broad shoulders. And creative unconventional thinkers who discover solutions outside existing conventions.

What we offer

A genuine team: multifaceted, creative, professional, likeable. Our work is structured and efficient. We have space for personal development. We take on responsibility and share our successes, ideally and economically. Pleasant and competent people are important to us. And if you are a team player you will feel at home with us.

Your contact

Isabella Wolf

Isabella Wolf
Assistent to the management board
.bieker AG

Tel.: +49 (69) 962 44 44-26