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Shaping visions together

We plan and design interiors and working environments. We give administration, industry and commerce a perfect home. We create transport buildings. We build new and, in particular, in existing buildings. We ensure that buildings function and create emotions where people need them.
General planning

Planning a building is an interdisciplinary process. In addition to the architect, specialist planners for technical building equipment, structural engineers, fire protection planners, building physicists, open space planners and - depending on the project - other specialists are needed.

.bieker has been acting as a general planner since 2005 and offers all the necessary planning disciplines from a single source. We guide you through the planning process and create an integral overall plan.

Object planning

Our core discipline is architecture. We design, shape and construct buildings.

Planning is an iterative process that requires creativity and diligence. We provide all service phases according to HOAI (German fee structure for architects), from the initial concept to the implementation of the building project.

It is our claim and our self-image to always provide our planning services with sustainability in mind. Our architecture is multi-layered and at the same time always directed towards a fixed goal: To give shape to our clients' vision.

Tenant planning

When it comes to tenant improvements, things have to move quickly. We support owners and asset managers as early as the letting phase. We provide layout plans, building specifications, cost and area calculations - everything that is needed from the technical side for the tenancy agreement.

We plan in accordance with the building permit and ensure that the measure can be implemented quickly. In the process, we are always in dialogue with the landlord and tenants so that all requirements are taken into account - even if something changes.

Picture: Westend Carre


Interior Design

We plan and design interiors. We build and furnish.

We ensure that the inspiring look of your rooms and spaces complements the functionality in every detail. We stage and sample interiors early in the project through lighting concepts, color schemes and the selection of furniture and fittings to cost group 600 (HOAI).

BIM planning

We are among the pioneers in the market when it comes to handling planning projects with the BIM methodology. Through Building Information Modeling, we create consistent, object-based planning that encompasses all disciplines. We maintain our own Common Data Environment (CDE), which promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. This gives our clients real added value in terms of transparency, cost efficiency and adherence to deadlines. Planning with BIM means developing a digital, object-based model that is enriched with additional information. Depending on the level of detail and information, the model data can be evaluated for different purposes, for example quantity and cost information, construction sequence information, area listings, information for building operation and much more. The combination of the individual specialist models, such as architecture or building services, into a coordination model significantly improves the planning quality. By means of automated check routines, also known as collision checks, conflicts can be identified and eliminated at an early stage.


BIM process

Our architects also take the lead in the BIM planning process. We provide an overall BIM coordinator for this, who is responsible for the consistency of the data model and the clean integration of specialist planning. Our BIM coordinators regularly check the models for quality, alignment and completeness.


Goal setting

Our architectural planning services are usually preceded by a goal-setting phase in which ideas are brought together developing an excellent basis for individual, client-specific planning. Based on this, we provide all further planning services.


Our interdisciplinary team fulfills the wide range of our architectural tasks with expertise and commitment. Our ISO 9001 quality management system ensures that we meet all requirements.

Master builders

We are team players and work collaboratively. But no matter how complex the project, the architect leads the planning. We assert this ambition.